[VoiceOps] Hackin attempts to Broadsoft voice portal

Ujjval Karihaloo ujjval at simplesignal.com
Sun Nov 8 12:26:00 EST 2009

Lot of failed attempts from 1 particular number.... 15096346223<tel:+15096346223>.

Seems to be scanning thru voice mail boxes serially attempting passwds & locking them out.

Last time v saw this i tracked this to be a magic jack number, i called back & a person answered & said that he can fix my voice mail for me if i gave him my password. I emailed magicjack support & they never responded.

Is there anything we can do to bring these malicious hackers to justice? Any one has experience un this area legally given that these hackers are mostly outside the US.

Ujjval Karihaloo
VP Voice Engineering
SimpleSignal Inc.
IP Phone: +13032428610
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