[VoiceOps] VoIP (SIP) to VoATM conversion

Brent Paddon brent at overthewire.com.au
Mon Nov 23 18:41:34 EST 2009

Hi all,

Hoping to tap the collective minds here.  I am wondering how to best convert
voice traffic from VoATM/VoDSL to VoIP (SIP in particular).

Here in Australia, a lot of competitive carriers deliver ISDN (up to E1)
over SHDSL tails with an IAD of some description (eg Verilink) on the end.

We have access to SHDSL tails, but of course with IP overhead we cannot
squeeze 30 channels down a 2M/2M circuit if we run G711.

Does anyone have any idea on how best to scale a solution whereby we can
remove the IP overhead but still use our softswitches (seems to me that a
lot of the competitive carriers here are using ATM directly plugged into
their older switches).

How are others doing this and making it scale ?


Brent Paddon

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