[VoiceOps] Fwd: Open source SBC Solutions?

jay binks jaybinks at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 22:53:53 EDT 2009

Take a look at FreeSwitch,

it can provide a bunch of what you need, and others are using it as an SBC

Here is what need:
>  - Voice and video support
>  - Proxy
>  - B2BUA
>  - NAT Traversal
>  - SIP
>  - CDR
Does ALL of these....

> These things would be nice:
>  - H.323 support
yup, mod_opal

>  - Transcoding
yup, you may need to purchase some codecs ( from 3rd parties )

>  - Simplified Management
guess this is subjective.. but little in the way of GUI's for it.
config files are easy though

What is not needed:
>  - Auto Attendant

 - Conferencing
Has VERY Good conferencing for what its worth

>  - Stateful fail-over
yea it dosnt have this, which id love personally.

Id seriously suggest you look at FreeSwitch its got a great community, and
its very well designed.
out of the box the default config is more PBX like, but Freeswitch is a
platform for you to build upon.
you just need to learn to configure it how you want.

Feel free to email me any QN's


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