[VoiceOps] Open source SBC Solutions?

Nathan Stratton nathan at robotics.net
Fri Oct 2 10:06:51 EDT 2009

On Thu, 1 Oct 2009, Lee Tannenbaum wrote:

> Jonathon,
> I am not sure your exact needs re capacity, but we do have a very low cost SBC software only SBC.  When we acquired Covergence we picked up a full feature SBC which will do all of your needs out of the box (or off the shelf - so to speak).  This is a software only feature and is called the NNOSE.
> Acme packet does not sell this software directly and it can only be purchased through our channels of distribution.  It starts at about $3K for a minimum configuration for about 25 sessions.  Its maximum capacity is 500 sessions and you can upgrade in blocks of 10 (maybe it's 25)?  Anyhow, it is a known product which requires little to no work to make work.

We use both Covergence and Acme in our network, I must admit, I am very 
very happy with the Covergence software solution. We spent a long time 
working on doing this ourselves with open source solutions. Going with a 
real SBC was totally worth it.

We are not against open source, in fact we have contributed to over a 
dozzen projects. We run everything we do on open source XEN and use Gluster 
and DRBD heavily.

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