[VoiceOps] Problems with defective Adtran TA900s

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Thu Oct 15 20:34:58 EDT 2009

Have had a small rash of flash chip failures but beyond that with 
hundreds in the field I can count the number of DSP failures on one hand.

Owen Roth wrote:
> Hello,
> We deploy the total range of Adtran TA900s as CPE feature-rich boxes, 
> and in general like the product. However, of the last 25 Adtran TA 
> 900s we've deployed, we've had 6 with confirmed hardware defects where 
> the symptoms range from the obvious hardware crashes, to much trickier 
> and costly bugs to find, such as bad DSPs, and one that had a bad 
> clocking chip. Adtran claims I'm alone in this, and it's gotten to the 
> point where I'm seriously considering building a quality control TA900 
> tester in the lab to torture all prospective field boxes. Anyone 
> notice anything like this percentage of defects?
> Regards,

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