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Jeff McAdams jeffm at iglou.com
Wed Oct 21 09:02:41 EDT 2009

Why don't you take an IPv6 address and convert it to dotted octets, then come back and report on how unweildy that is to deal with.

Yes, hex is indeed more expressive, and once you start using IPv6 addressing some, it becomes very natural to work with.


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David Hiers wrote:

> Never looked into it yet.  I"m still working on Gerald Ford's Great
> Metric Conversion :)
> Our current business model doesn't contain a lot of drivers that might
> motivate an investigation.

The day IPv6 is adopted seriously, I am leaving networking/telecom and 
going to start a bakery.  I can barely microwave Lean Cuisine, but 
perhaps I can secure some assistance from significant other.

There is no way I am going to be managing infrastructure by way of hex 

Remind me, why is it that nobody thought of using dotted decimal 
notation for IPv6 addresses, but just adding more octets?  Are 
half-bite nibbles in a base humans aren't normally taught to count in 
more "expressive" somehow?

-- Alex

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