[VoiceOps] IPV6

Olle E. Johansson oej at edvina.net
Wed Oct 21 01:30:32 EDT 2009

21 okt 2009 kl. 06.01 skrev anorexicpoodle:

> Since we, collectively, are steering one of the industries driving up
> individual utilization of the IPV4 address space as well as being  
> one of
> the most sensitive to NAT which is the only way through which IPV4 has
> been sustained as long as it has; it seems like a worthy exercise to
> discuss our own, and the industries preparedness to adopt IPV6.
> Has anyone out there had any experience using any of the open source
> platforms (OpenSIPS, Asterisk, SIPPY etc) with native IPV6? It seems
> like these projects are the best equipped right now to handle this  
> move
> since they rely heavily on the network stack of the underlying OS.
Kamailio/OpenSER handles IPv6 properly, but Asterisk currently does not
have any support for IPv6. There has been some work by March Blanchet
from ViaGenie, but it is not up to date and not integrated into the  
version of Asterisk.

Something that bothers me is the lack of configurations for "IPv6  
default gateways"
in all IPv4 based products. Even though Asterisk is only IPv4, we  
might still get
IPv6 addresses in many cases - SRV records, Contact headers and REFER  
In order to handle these - or the reverse case "IPv4 default gateway"  
- we need
configuration options and logic for it.

Yes, this is an important issue. So far, it seems like no one wants to  
put any money
towards it so we can fix Asterisk. Open Source projects are in hand of  
the user base
and their requirements.


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