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Craig Askings craig at overthewire.com.au
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2009/10/27 Jeff McAdams <jeffm at iglou.com>

> SBC support
> This was part of the whole point of the thread.  Why hasn't the voice
> industry adopted IPv6 more aggressively?  I was including the SBC (and other
> gear and software) vendors in the voice industry there.  Yes, this is
> probably the only real obstacle you presented that would prevent voice
> operators (admittedly the focus of this list) from really deploying IPv6
> aggressively, but I will say that my commentary was commentary about the
> overall industry, including the gear and software vendors.
Freeswitch supports SIP over IPv6 in it's main production code base, it
isn't a separate set of patches like asterisk's current v6 support.

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