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It hasn't been introduced into most product lines for the same reason any
other feature hasn't been implemented in a vendor's system - lack of
financial motivation.  These guys build for their biggest (volume and $$)
customers and their needs, so obviously companies like Acme, BroadSoft,
Sonus, Polycom, Aastra, Adtran, etc are simply not seeing a business need to
take the time to develop IPv6 into their products yet.


Among IPv6's strongest supporters have been the open source community (look
how long the Linux kernel has had basic v6 support), so I'm not surprised at
all that projects like Freeswitch or OpenSER (and its various names) have
taken the small step to add support for the addressing.


Basically I think you'll see IPv6 support in these types of commercial voice
products only when there becomes a drive for it from their large carrier
customers.  The large carriers have however been the slowest to try new
technologies in the VOIP realm, so v6 I'm sure is still way down the line.




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2009/10/27 Jeff McAdams <jeffm at iglou.com>


SBC support

This was part of the whole point of the thread.  Why hasn't the voice
industry adopted IPv6 more aggressively?  I was including the SBC (and other
gear and software) vendors in the voice industry there.  Yes, this is
probably the only real obstacle you presented that would prevent voice
operators (admittedly the focus of this list) from really deploying IPv6
aggressively, but I will say that my commentary was commentary about the
overall industry, including the gear and software vendors.


Freeswitch supports SIP over IPv6 in it's main production code base, it
isn't a separate set of patches like asterisk's current v6 support.

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