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Quite a few of our customers run on Qwest DSL or Mediacom Cable connections. Most of those are very small businesses with just one to ten lines or so. We just inform them of bandwidth requirements (including upload of course) and recommend settings where we can, but so far we really haven't had complaints. We may be lucky though. We did have one genius that thought it was a good idea to be behind a sonicwall and then an actual 10Mb HUB before splitting to their entire network and an Adtran TA912. They were actually one of the "larger" customers. They kept complaining of quality issues and swore they had a switch until we actually went onsite to look for ourselves. 

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What's your experience with offering VOIP to business customers in a
Bring Your Own Bandwidth/Network environment?

It's one thing to run VOIP over a qos-enabled network with a known
bandwidth and gear that you control, and quite another to run VOIP
over whatever network the customer wants to buy and whatever random
gear was on sale at OfficeMax.

Have you run VOIP over both types of networks?


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