[VoiceOps] Contacts for in-progress phishing scams?

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Thu Apr 1 20:50:26 EDT 2010

The one time I ran into something like this I called my local office of 
the FBI, and it took surprisingly little time to get a knowledgeable 
agent on the phone.  I turned over logs and they got to work on it that 

I would call immediately.

On 4/1/10 5:46 PM, nick hatch wrote:
> Hi all,
> I've been receiving bizarre credit card phishing calls which are far
> more sophisticated than many I've heard of. The caller purports to be be
> from "Card Services" and says you qualify for interest rate adjustments.
> They then lure you into providing your credit card number, expiration
> date, and other information.
> The calls I received carried CID : 714-360-xxxx. When you call this
> number, a recording says something along the lines of "this is a scam.
> The person who called you was trying to get your credit card number.
> Please call your local law enforcement, your bank, and don't give out
> any information." This leads me to believe that SIP fraud is probably
> involved here too.
> There is another number (772-408-13xx) which is still live and accepting
> phone calls. The scam has been going for several days now.
> The banking industry has its own set of fraud-prevention groups, but I'm
> unsure about their efficacy in cases of ongoing scams like this. Does
> anyone have any appropriate contacts (law enforcement, or otherwise) who
> would be clueful and appropriate to contact?
> Thanks,
> -Nick
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