[VoiceOps] Valid number testing

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Thu Aug 5 14:58:13 EDT 2010

You can use Local Calling Guide's XML Query interface to get at some of this
data.  It is generally fairly up to date but by no means real time.


Neustar also provides their PortPS interface to customers for real time pool
and LNP data, but I have not looked into API interfaces to that.


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On 08/05/2010 11:57 AM, Naushit Sakarvadia wrote:

> This is great info I was looking for ,but I could not find a page where
> you can download all info in single page, you need to download for each
> State/Area Code combination. May be someone needs to write perl script
> :) to import everything in database .

That site is deliberately designed to be rather difficult to traverse 
by script.

Anyway, have a look at the "All Regions" option:


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