[VoiceOps] "...but it works with Packet8"

Lee Riemer lriemer at bestline.net
Mon Aug 23 12:42:39 EDT 2010

  Do you know what modem they were using and which ones Qwest is 
replacing it with?

On 8/23/2010 11:29 AM, Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> Darren Schreiber wrote:
>> Well regardless, thanks all for your input.
>> All your answers have pointed me in the direction we were already 
>> going anyway. I think we will continue to instruct people to turn off 
>> ALG and other nastyness "for best call quality" but we will also 
>> program our SBC software and our server to negotiate some test 
>> packets and auto-detect when packets are crippled, then adjust 
>> routing automatically.
>> Fun times.
> I can't help, but I will tell you that this is the path we've taken 
> for the BYOI customers.  In particular the Qwest DSL customers are 
> told to call Qwest and request a "VoIP compatible" router to replace 
> whatever they have before they even get our phones.  Believe it or 
> not, Qwest reps recognize that and just send a new modem.

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