[VoiceOps] "...but it works with Packet8"

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Mon Aug 23 12:29:51 EDT 2010

Darren Schreiber wrote:
> Well regardless, thanks all for your input.
> All your answers have pointed me in the direction we were already going anyway. I think we will continue to instruct people to turn off ALG and other nastyness "for best call quality" but we will also program our SBC software and our server to negotiate some test packets and auto-detect when packets are crippled, then adjust routing automatically.
> Fun times.

I can't help, but I will tell you that this is the path we've taken for 
the BYOI customers.  In particular the Qwest DSL customers are told to 
call Qwest and request a "VoIP compatible" router to replace whatever 
they have before they even get our phones.  Believe it or not, Qwest 
reps recognize that and just send a new modem.

Carlos Alvarez

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