[VoiceOps] E911 Compliance for DHCP user.

Richey mylists at battleop.com
Thu Dec 9 12:34:02 EST 2010

Taken from http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/consumerfacts/voip911.html


" Interconnected VoIP providers must also provide one or more easy ways for
their customers to update the physical location they have registered with
the provider, if it changes."


Is there any real definition of "one or more easy ways"?    We just took on
a network that's made up of residential users who have DHCP.  I am wondering
how to deal with a user who may have a PAP-2T and either their IP address
changes or they may indeed move the ATA.


In our current business offering this is a non issue since the CPE is
usually a TA900 connected to a Metro Ethernet or T1 and we do not use DHCP.
We can lock their ATA to a specific IP and know the user won't roam.   



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