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Dan York dyork at voxeo.com
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Peter,  (and introducing myself to the list as I haven't replied here before)

I work for Voxeo, the parent company behind Tropo. You're welcome to contact Chris Matthieu (cmatthieu at voxeo.com) on our Tropo team to discuss what you are looking to do in more detail.  Chris has written some fun apps like http://santacall.us/ that make use of automated voice transcription.  The accuracy of results can be affected by a wide range of factors.  If you'd like to dive into more technical details about the challenges and what you can do to overcome them, I'd also be glad to connect you to our director of speech technologies, Dan Burnett, who has a deep background in these kind of technologies.


On Dec 15, 2010, at 3:08 PM, Peter Beckman wrote:

> I'm interested in Voice-to-text services that offer an API.  I've looked at
> a few.
>    * Quicktate  -- accurate, humans, expensive: $0.015 per word retail!
>    * MyCaption  -- I have no real data on them yet
>    * Twilio     -- Does not offer the service as an API, just within their
>                    own services; could be hacked to do so
>    * VoiceCloud -- Have an API, pricing and quality unknown (haven't
>                    returned call/email).
>    * Tropo      -- Does not offer the service as an API, just within their
>                    own services; could be hacked to do so
> Is anyone using any of these or other services with great success and at
> affordable rates?  Both Twilio and Tropo offer $0.005/minute to
> $0.01/minute for transcription, but I don't know about the quality yet.
> The cost may be enough for me to write an app that my system calls their
> service and plays the message for transcription.  It's a hack, but if the
> quality is good, may be worth the effort.
> So what do you know?
> Beckman
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