[VoiceOps] Dynamic T1 Faxing over IP

Jeff Anderson ciscoplumber at gmail.com
Wed Dec 15 17:53:54 EST 2010

We are experiencing a fair amount of heart burn attempting to support faxing
over our Dynamic T1 product. Some customers it works great and others have
frequent problems.

We currently support dynamic T1's using both Adtran TA900 series and Cisco
IAD2400 services routers. The customers fax machines will connect to their
PBX that has a PRI to an IAD/TA. We have the IAD/TA configured for SIP
signaling to an Acme SBC selecting T.38 as the preferred codec with fallback
to g.711 pass-through. We can force a slower speed, disable error
correction, disabled VAD but in the end still have very inconsistent
results. From a network perspective the QoS is matching and queuing
correctly, the circuits are clean and the IP SLA gives us no reason to
believe they are having any network drops or jitter.

I was wondering if others who have experience with faxing over IP could
share what they have learned works best or anything else that may be

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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