[VoiceOps] Full global country/city list similar to NANPA list

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Mon Feb 1 16:02:52 EST 2010

On Mon, 1 Feb 2010, Carlos Alvarez wrote:

> The LCR system is all about cost.  However in building it, logic says you 
> find the absolutely most granular model possible, and build up from there. 
> That's the theory anyway.  Then, again in theory, all rate decks should fit 
> into that model and you have neat and concise database queries.
> Here is how I explain theory versus reality, and it certainly applies to the 
> phone network:
> http://www.askmen.com/daily/jokes/2001_jun/jun14.html
> I appreciate the fast feedback because although it's not the answer we'd 
> hoped for, we can proceed with our own implementation without thinking 
> there's a better, more logical way.

  One provider offers a single price for a given prefix.  The length of the
  prefix is what determines the rate, per provider.

  When calling +7 499 xxxx  if you get a prefix of 7 and a rate of 0.08, but
  prefix 749 is 0.28, you will be paying 0.28 for tha call.  Only if the
  dialed number matches no other longer prefixes will you get the rate
  listed for prefix of 7.

  Other providers have intra- and interlata rates for NANPA when they
  provide breakouts.

  Other providers offer multiple qualities for different routes.

  Yet other providers offer different rates based on time of day.

  Your best bet is to get accounts with 5 different A-Z providers, see how
  they break out their rate decks, then develop backwards from there.

  Then again, when you find #6, you'll have to redo it again, I'm sure.

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