[VoiceOps] IAM callername instead of CNAM

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Wed Feb 3 11:50:43 EST 2010

Time Warner does transmit the name info that you send.  We have a TWTC 
PRI and I've seen the same thing when calling another number on their 
network.  It has even happened to numbers on other networks, though now 
I can't remember which ones.  One of their engineers confirmed that they 
do this on purpose, but also couldn't tell me which other networks 
accept this from them.

On 2/3/10 9:24 AM, milosz wrote:
> hi all,
> has anyone heard of a US residential carrier transmitting the callername
> parameter from the IAM instead of doing a normal CNAM lookup?  i have
> some users--for whom the pbx is (intentionally) set up to transmit an
> invalid cpn--who are claiming that when they call their home phones from
> the office, their internal (sip) caller name appears on the caller id
> along with the invalid cpn, which makes no sense from a CNAM lookup
> standpoint.  the only thing i could think of (other than they are
> nuts/lying) is that their gateway is transmitting the sip callername in
> the IAM and the carrier is passing that along instead of doing a lookup.
>   the btn is the same for all users so that can be ruled out.
> they are all on cablevision or time warner.
> thanks,
> milosz
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