[VoiceOps] IAM callername instead of CNAM

milosz mewash at gmail.com
Wed Feb 3 11:24:19 EST 2010

hi all,

has anyone heard of a US residential carrier transmitting the callername
parameter from the IAM instead of doing a normal CNAM lookup?  i have some
users--for whom the pbx is (intentionally) set up to transmit an invalid
cpn--who are claiming that when they call their home phones from the office,
their internal (sip) caller name appears on the caller id along with the
invalid cpn, which makes no sense from a CNAM lookup standpoint.  the only
thing i could think of (other than they are nuts/lying) is that their
gateway is transmitting the sip callername in the IAM and the carrier is
passing that along instead of doing a lookup.  the btn is the same for all
users so that can be ruled out.

they are all on cablevision or time warner.


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