[VoiceOps] Phone Number Joe Jobs

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Wed Feb 3 12:19:43 EST 2010

Carlos Alvarez wrote:
> On 2/2/10 10:56 PM, anorexicpoodle wrote:
>> I have seen this as well, though with more malicious results such as 911
>> hangups with the customers callerID.
>> I would love to hear any suggestions on tracing the malicious calls as
>> well, since I know there are a lot of ITSP's that allow customers so
>> send whatever callerID they want so this might be an exercise in 
>> futility.
> I think eventually this is going to result in some sort of "know your 
> customer" legislation like the banking industry now has.  If all 
> carriers would make logical decisions based on the customer, this 
> would not be an issue.  We allow our larger and known customers to set 
> CID, but if we take a telemarketing/call center customer we force 
> their CID and ANI on our side.  Sure, some rogue admin inside any 
> company could play games, but it's a lot less likely.
> Have you checked to see if ANI is available and the same as the 
> presented CID?
If this is coming in SS7 you should have the JIP in the IAM as well as a 
charge number. You can use that to track down the originating carrier 
and give them a yell.

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