[VoiceOps] Trouble getting access in a building.

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Wed Feb 10 01:10:08 EST 2010

If you're a CLEC, rolling up to the door with a police escort from your 
local police department or sheriff's office helps, especially if you're 
trying to recover equipment. This can usually be arranged through the 
non emergency line of their local police department. (God help you if 
you're in the city of Detroit though)

Having the state laws that guarantee you access to the facility in 
printed form can be helpful too.

Good luck!


Richey wrote:
> Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with someone who will not 
> allow access to the building Telecom Closet? The problem we are having 
> is with one of the building tenants and not the landlord. The telecom 
> closet has wound up in the back of a tenants suite and they will only 
> allow an AT&T tech to enter the closet. AT&T will not extend the 
> wiring to our customer’s suite because there is not a conduit, yet we 
> can’t get a tech into the closet to install the conduit.
> Even with the landlord’s help we can’t get in. They are a remote 
> office for a state lottery and they keep throwing that it’s a 
> violation of their security policy. I am going to have to visit the 
> site tomorrow and see if I can get anywhere with the person who would 
> not let our tech into the telecom closet.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Richey
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