[VoiceOps] Trouble getting access in a building.

George Imburgia nanog at armorfirewall.com
Wed Feb 10 03:36:52 EST 2010

On Tue, 9 Feb 2010, Richey wrote:

> Does anyone have a suggestion on how to deal with someone who will not allow
> access to the building Telecom Closet?  The problem we are having is with
> one of the building tenants and not the landlord.   The telecom closet has
> wound up in the back of a tenants suite and they will only allow an AT&T
> tech to enter the closet.  AT&T will not extend the wiring to our customer's
> suite because there is not a conduit, yet we can't get a tech into the
> closet to install the conduit.

Fire Drill.

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