[VoiceOps] Extension Mobility Issues.

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Hello People / CUCME Experts, 


This is my very first post to this list, so hello to everyone, and i really
hope to see if someone can suggest/recommend any troubleshooting action plan
in which several Cisco 7961 loaded with the latest SCCP Firmware version
(8.3(4) SR1) are displaying the Logging screen indefinitely and stays there
forever, when configured to work with Extension Mobility, the same thing
happens when trying to log out, the phone displays logging out indefinitely.
We have to exit out of the screen on the 7961 phone to get back to the main


This is a basic configuration that I have running on my device  (IOS Version
15.0(1)XA and Call Manager Express 8.0)


voice logout-profile 1

user tphone-phone password 1234

number 201 type normal


voice user-profile 2

pin 9999

user me password pass123

number 5 type cw-overlay

speed-dial 1 135 label Scott blf


ephone-dn 5 dual-line

number 301 no-reg primary

label 301

description PhoneA Analog

name PhoneA Analog

call-forward busy 341

call-forward noan 341 timeout 10


ephone-dn 10 dual-line

number 201 no-reg primary

label 201

description Phone Test

name Phone Test

call-forward busy 341

call-forward noan 341 timeout 10


ephone 5

device-security-mode none

mac-address ABCD.ABCD,ABCD

type 7961

logout-profile 1



url authentication


Is there any way to troubleshoot/debug what could be going on ??


Thanks a lot for your support and help!


Best Regards,



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