[VoiceOps] ECG is expanding our staff

James Puckett jpuckett at e-c-group.com
Fri Feb 19 13:07:02 EST 2010

ECG is hiring.  Specifically we are seeking experienced non-management technical staff to support our customers in the Atlanta area.

ECG, Inc. is a full service consulting firm specializing in the implementation of next-generation telephone switching systems and their underlying networks.  We work with equipment from a number of vendors including Acme Packet, BroadSoft, Cisco, Juniper, Metaswitch, Taqua, and others.  Our customers include nearly 200 enterprises and services providers both large and small.

If you or someone you know may be interested in submitting a resume, please give me a call.

James Puckett - Engineers' Consulting Group
Phone 229-316-0012 - Fax 229-316-1490

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