[VoiceOps] Broadsoft Device Identity Profiles

Charles Steinman csteinman at rgts.com
Fri Feb 19 17:43:34 EST 2010

Have a question about how Broadsoft handles Device Identity Profile files at the System and Group Levels ....were running R14sp9.

I defined several custom Device Identity Profile Types (Aastra 57i 's) at the System Level and uploaded the corresponding config files for button layouts of the various phone types we deploy (Admin SCA, Standard Phone, Public Phone, etc).

The thing I'm finding strange is at the Group level if I use one of the custom  Device Identity Profile Types, then I upload a custom config file under the Identity/Device Profile Modify/Configure tab, the file that's written to the Provisioning Server is the System Level File and not the custom file I loaded via the Identity/Device Profile Modify/Configure tab.

I mean it's not the end of the world if you allow file customization at the System Level when uploading the config file for the new Device Identity Profile, then upload the custom config under the "files" tab in the Identity/Device Profile Modify page, but you would think that the more specific group config would trump the system config file and Broadworks would have the "Configure Tab" grayed out or disabled to avoid confusion.

The real kicker is the "Configure Tab" will not only allows you to upload a custom config, but rebuild the file and reset the phone too, with the end result being the rebuilt file is the "system file" not the custom file that Broadworks allows you to upload.

Who knows maybe in the next release.........but any input would be much appreciated

Thanks and everyone have a great weekend,

Charles Steinman
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