[VoiceOps] Delay on RTP for Inbound Calls

Lee Riemer lriemer at bestline.net
Wed Jan 6 00:15:23 EST 2010

Have you captured via wireshark and replayed?  Do you hear the same 
delay?  Is there a delay between the OK (answer) and the audio?

On 1/5/2010 8:22 PM, Ujjval Karihaloo wrote:
> Hi Guys;
>    We have noticed that sometimes when calling into our DIDs (Level 3 
> DIDs), there is a 2-3 second lag. i.e. Cell phone caller (party A) 
> calls into a DID (Party B) that is on our network (Broadsoft 
> Softswitch), Party B answers and sayd 1,2,3,4,5 -- but the Party A 
> only hears 4, 5...The part i.e. 1,2,3 get cut off.
> Plus it is sporadic and difficult to reproduce, was wondering if folks 
> have encountered this and any good troubleshooting techniques you can 
> recommend.
> Ujjval Karihaloo
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