[VoiceOps] Skype gateways? Anyone using them?

John Todd jtodd at loligo.com
Wed Jan 6 23:13:56 EST 2010

I've been asked to throw something out here on the list to see if  
anyone is using a Skype gateway of some sort.  I know that quite a few  
people do trunk Skype into their existing TDM PBX platforms for  
connection to customer service lines, or for the odd road warrior who  
needs access to a DISA trunk.  But is this widespread?  Are the  
companies making the "hardware" units making reliable equipment?  Does  
any carrier think that Skype calls through or into their network is a  
viable business in some way, or is it always a threat?

Yes, Digium does offer a Skype software package that could be  
considered "competitive", but I'm actually somewhat interested to know  
if anyone is doing significant amounts of Skype trunking into their  
other TDM or VoIP networks.  I'd welcome open discussion of this,  
since it's kind of an interesting operational question.  If you feel  
like it, you can answer this short survey, too -  http://bit.ly/skype-gateways



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