[VoiceOps] Skype gateways? Anyone using them?

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Thu Jan 7 00:01:16 EST 2010

On 1/6/10 9:13 PM, John Todd wrote:
> I've been asked to throw something out here on the list to see if anyone
> is using a Skype gateway of some sort. I know that quite a few people do
> trunk Skype into their existing TDM PBX platforms for connection to
> customer service lines, or for the odd road warrior who needs access to
> a DISA trunk. But is this widespread? Are the companies making the
> "hardware" units making reliable equipment? Does any carrier think that
> Skype calls through or into their network is a viable business in some
> way, or is it always a threat?

You already know we are Asterisk-based, and I put up a gateway with SFA 
since the early betas.  The only people interested were the software 
companies, particularly those dealing with European contacts where Skype 
use is much heavier than here.  Nobody else cares.  I've never run into 
anyone in a business situation who says they use Skype other than geeks 
or software people.  I let the project fizzle out because the people 
that were interested in using weren't interested in paying to use it 
("Skype is free!").

Carlos Alvarez

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