[VoiceOps] CommPartners

Peter R. peter at 4isps.com
Sun Jan 24 13:05:04 EST 2010

On LinkedIn someone is having issues with CP.

  Commpartners VOIP - BUSY Signals

I have several number in Florida i am trying to call using my 
Commpartners VOIP service, that are not working. There are others in the 
call center industry that are using Compartners that are experiencing 
the same issue. It seems that this is affecting customers out of the Las 
Vegas NOC.

Some of the areas affected.

My dedicated customer service person is reporting this issue but 
Compartners does not seem to be resolving it.

Are there any other Compartner users out there (out of the Vegas NOC) 
that are experiencing the same thing? Or, does anyone have any contacts 
that may be able to help?


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