[VoiceOps] Canadian DIDs for SIP VoIP provider?

Jay Hennigan jay at west.net
Wed Jan 27 20:42:00 EST 2010

We're a VoIP provider in California with carrier arrangements for DIDs 
throughout much of the US.

We have a few customers with offices in Canada and are beginning to get 
inquiries from others with cross-border US/Canadian presence.

Has anyone gone down this path that can give some pointers?  Obviously 
we can put IADs with FXO (or even PRI) ports on-premise at each customer 
location tied to the local telco but this doesn't scale all that well.

I'm looking for legal/regulatory info about such things as taxes, 9-1-1, 
getting listed in the local white pages, etc. as well as any technical 
obstacles and recommended providers.  Technically it appears to be 
pretty straightforward.  It's all part of the same NANP.

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