[VoiceOps] Call Recording Laws in the US

Peter Beckman beckman at angryox.com
Mon Jan 25 10:47:14 EST 2010

On Mon, 25 Jan 2010, David Sarvai wrote:

> It depends on what the customer wants to pay for.  We charge per Gigabyte
> for storage.  We have a handy calculator which estimates the amount of
> space needed for X users, who talk for Y minutes a day...  something
> like:
> Users * Minutes * Days * MB/Minute /1000 = GB Storage Required
> As we charge for storage, it is in our best interests if the customer
> wants us to maintain years of storage, but realistically, customers only
> want to pay for a months worth.

  When Amazon S3 sells storage for $0.15/GB, and you compress using 8kHz and
  a decent rate mp3, or about 2kb per second on average, we can store 138.89
  hours of Voicemails, Call Recordings and Outgoing Messages for $0.15 (plus
  a little overhead for bandwidth).

  Each VoIP and web server can download from S3 independently (we do cache
  some heavily used files locally) and do local transcoding as needed.  The
  downloads are instantaneous enough that the user wouldn't notice (about
  100ms for a 150kb MP3 file (75 seconds).

  Obviously if someone wants to store 10,000 hours of call recordings, and
  it is costing you $10.81 a month just for that user, I guess you could
  charge them, but if they were using your service THAT much wouldn't you
  make enough off of them each month that you didn't have to nickle and dime

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