[VoiceOps] Explaining router/NAT problems to customers

Jason Warner jw at jasper.us
Thu Jan 28 15:20:20 EST 2010

I'd start by having the customers disable SIP fixup/ALG functionality on their router.  I've seen this cause intermittent registration issues in addition to other issues.  This feature is enabled by default on Cisco routers and does not show in the running config unless disabled.

-Jason Warner

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For those of you who do VoIP services with bring your own internet, I 
wonder if you have some tips on how to explain to customers that it's 
their network/router that is causing phones to randomly unregister?  I 
know that from their perspective it's the phone that is broken and we 
need to fix it.  Particularly the less technical ones that really don't 
even get the fact that these "phones" are just internet devices.

Yes, I understand this is why we "shouldn't" offer BYOI, but we do, and 
will continue to do so for small customers.

Carlos Alvarez

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