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Alex Balashov abalashov at evaristesys.com
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On 07/07/2010 08:50 AM, CLEC NY wrote:

> Can anyone explain why a CLEC must have DC Agent and what is the role of
> a DC Agent.

Best and most pedestrian explanation I've seen is actually in the FCC 
Form 499-A instructions:


Section 413 of the Act requires each carrier “to designate in writing 
an agent in the District of Columbia” uponwhom all notices, process, 
orders, and decisions made by the Commission may be served on behalf 
of that carrier in any proceeding pending before the Commission

Lines 209-218 -- The second part of Block 2 contains information on 
the filer's agents for service of process,including the agent located 
in the District of Columbia ("D.C. Agent"). All carriers and 
interconnected VoIP providers must enter the name, business address, 
telephone or voicemail number, facsimile number, and, if 
available,Internet e-mail address for their designated D.C. Agent. 
Note that service of any notice, process, orders, decisions,and 
requirements of the Commission may be made upon the reporting entity 
by leaving a copy thereof with this designated agent during normal 
business hours at the agent's office or other usual place of 
residence. In addition to providing the required information on the 
carrier's D.C. Agent, the reporting entity may elect to provide a 
local or alternate agent for service of process located outside the 
District of Columbia. Reporting entities other than carriers and 
interconnected VoIP providers need only report one agent for service 
of process, whether located inside the District of Columbia or otherwise.

Carriers and interconnected VoIP providers must designate a single 
agent for service of process in the District of Columbia for all 
Commission business. Although FCC Form 499-A permits carriers and 
interconnected VoIP providers to designate a preferred alternate or 
local agents for service of process, each designated agent for a 
particular carrier or interconnected VoIP provider must accept service 
for all purposes relating to Commission business. A carrier or 
interconnected VoIP provider may not limit a designated agent’s 
ability to accept service on behalf of the carrier or interconnected 
VoIP provider by subject matter, by jurisdiction, by affiliate or by 
any other grounds. The Commission may assume that the local or 
alternate agent is the filer’s preferred destination for all service 
of process.



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