[VoiceOps] The peer of my peer is my peer?

Mark Holloway mh at markholloway.com
Tue Jul 13 18:06:34 EDT 2010

Hence the Acme 9200 to the rescue. 

On Jul 13, 2010, at 2:04 PM, Paul Timmins wrote:

> If any of my current suppliers did this, I'd scream bloody murder until
> they fixed it or made it go away. If a provider lets people choose their
> own settings, I fully expect them to transcode it for us. Anything less is
> a bug.
> -Paul
>> Every so often this issue comes up, and I want to get a read on it from
>> other VOIP resellers...
>> Consider a couple of unrelated VOIP resellers that peer with a carrier
>> like L3.  Both can interop with L3 using strict SIP and RTP settings (max
>> forwards, g729 only, 10ms ptime, whatever).  Both are free to select
>> mutually incompatible settings.  For instance, reseller A can chose 729
>> only, and reseller B can choose 711 only.  L3 will connect both to the
>> PSTN without any trouble.
>> Everything is good until they try to call each other.  Then the mutually
>> incompatible settings will break calls or render predicted usage patterns
>> invalid.  Sure, you're still signaling to a L3 SIP server, but some the
>> information in the SIP/SDP packets that you receive is controlled by the
>> other reseller.
>> How often do you see problems related to the peer of your peer?
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