[VoiceOps] Bandwidth.com Wholesale opinions?

Carlos Alvarez carlos at televolve.com
Tue Jul 13 20:17:17 EDT 2010

Jared Geiger wrote:
> I'm talking with them to start setting up a wholesale sip trunk with
> them. The rates look great. In the past it seems they were mainly a
> Level3 reseller. However now that they are a CLEC, have they mixed in
> other carriers as well? Whats the general opinion of them?
> I see from today's thread they only are a SIP proxy and don't touch the
> media so I may have ON-net issues with their customers every now and
> then. Are there any other complaints or compliments for them?

We tried them about two years ago.  They had a lot of limitations which 
meant we couldn't use them.  I don't recall all of them, but lots to do 
with caller ID, CNAM, etc.  We canceled during the 30 day trial period, 
and then six months later learned that they sent us to collections for 
the entirety of the contract that we never entered into.

I don't think the price is all that great.  What volume are you talking 

Carlos Alvarez

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