[VoiceOps] My first post to VoiceOps :-)

Darren Schreiber d at d-man.org
Thu Jun 3 14:16:20 EDT 2010

Hi all,
                This is my first post to VoiceOps so hopefully my question is appropriate.

                I am working on some international routing with a client and we are having a hell of a time finding *reputable* international providers who aren't uber-expensive. I am about ready to setup our own routing system and hand-pick providers.

                We are specifically having problems with calls to France. Sometimes the calls take forever to terminate, and oddly, a couple providers seem to be connecting us with parties the caller swears they didn't call. I chalked these up as misdialed numbers/user error for a while but we just get the complaint too much, I'm starting to wonder.

                Anyway, any suggestions on how to achieve good quality, international VoIP termination would be helpful (suggested vendors, etc.). Our usage isn't very high but will ramp soon.

Thanks much,
                Darren Schreiber

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