[VoiceOps] Anyone using OpenSIPS/OpenSER/Kamailio to interface with L3

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Seconded on the "SER is not an SBC" point. There are a lot of subtle
services a full SBC provides that SER just cannot. 

Also if you are fairly new to SER, L3 has pretty sensible requirements
for SIP peering so the good news is whatever you do to get it working
with L3 the way you like will most likely carry into other peering

On Thu, 2010-06-03 at 13:57 -0400, Scott Berkman wrote:

> Agreed on the SBC point.
> That said, I have personally set up SER (before the fork a number of years
> ago) to work with Level 3's Viper platform and carried a great deal of
> production traffic across it.  The important thing to remember is that SER
> acts how you tell it to act, so getting it to work correctly for what L3
> expects is highly dependent on your configuration and routing logic.
> 	-Scott
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> OpenSIPS is not an SBC as the members of their mailing list will readily and
> loudly attest.
> OpenSIPS is a SIP Proxy.  OpenSIPS + rtp-proxy can provide many of the
> functions of an SBC.  Personally I wouldn't allow anything on your private
> VoIP LAN that I didn't have direct control over.   I'm not against using
> OpenSIPS or Asterisk but I wouldn't let my customers manage it and have
> direct access to my switch.
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> > I have a customer that I would like to setup on their own SBC to avoid
> > adding the overhead/licensing costs to our Acmes.
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> > Robert Dawson
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