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Jonathan Jones new2voip at gmail.com
Mon Jun 21 13:20:01 EDT 2010

Hello all and pardon the naive question. I'm looking to start my own small
town based ITSP (mini vonage) with approximately 2,000 concurrencies. What
I'd like to know is, do I or don't I need a session border controller to get
this working. I was told I don't need any hardware and I could get this up
and running with software only. I don't know how true this is therefore I
decided to ask the experts.

Furthermore, would a large provider be willing to trunk my connection if it
is software only? What do you fancy? If you had to guess a cost to get
something like this up and running, would it be under $50,000.00 I don't
have much money to work with at the moment and I'm looking for someone with
more experience might do. I'm guessing I could get it all running without an
SBC and without heavy hardware or am I wrong because of DSP encoding and the

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.
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