[VoiceOps] Handling complaints against customers

Hiers, David David_Hiers at adp.com
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If the called party feels threatened, the calls are illegal.

If you admitted that the calling party exists, much less acknowledged that they are a customer of yours, you are probably close to violating your CPNI obligations to the calling party.  That'll cost up to $130,000 per incident.  Don’t worry, it's capped at $1,300,000, so you should be fine.

Luckily, you don't really have to know what to do.  You are always free to report what you know to the police and let them take whatever action they deem appropriate.

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While IANAL and anything from this point on should be understood to reflect only my meandering experience and not any actual facts; that said, my response to this sort of thing is typically:

1: Is this behavior illegal?

2: Is this behavior forbidden in the TOS?

3: Is this behavior potentially harmful to the network? 

If the answer to all of those was NO, i would politely tell the complaining party that you are a carrier and do not police the content of the traffic that crosses your network, and their best bet would be to file a complaint with their local police dept and/or pursue the issue by blocking the calls at their carrier (you could of course offer to become their carrier and block the calls :) )

As always since I don't know the exact scope of the infraction its hard to say but thats the general thought process I follow when handling claims of this type. Of course if any of the 3 questions are answered with yes then your course of action should be self-evident. 

Just remember to take all your local laws and regulations into account before acting at all, and also since you are a voip carrier also consider the local laws where the subscriber and complaining party might be located. 


On Mon, 2010-06-21 at 18:02 -0700, Carlos Alvarez wrote: 

	We're a small company and haven't run into this before.  I just got a 
	complaint that one of our customers has been calling a certain number 
	and hanging up.  Other than the obvious, telling the customer to stop 
	it, I'd appreciate any suggestions and thoughts on this.

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