[VoiceOps] Splitting SIP+RTP PCAP files

Jason Ostrom iknowjason at pobox.com
Wed Jun 23 14:05:12 EDT 2010

Based on what you have said, UCSsniff is one free tool that could fit 
this requirement - http://ucsniff.sf.net

The VideoSnarf tool of UCSniff takes an offline pcap as input, and 
outputs all RTP media streams.  G.711u/a law, G.729 codec support mostly 
used by SPs, but also supports H.264 Video codec.  The only problem with 
VideoSnarf is that outputted media is uni-directional.  It doesn't 
re-construct forward and reverse into a single wav file.

UCSniff does re-construct forward and reverse media into a single wave 
file.  We spoke with a SP in NY who was using the Monitor SPAN session 
feature of UCSniff to monitor SIP calls and save wav files for each 
subscriber call.  You can run it on a system and receieve traffic from a 
Monitor SPAN session.

Best of all, UCSniff and VideoSnarf are free.  You can modify the code 
to fit your own requirements.  Let us know if or how it works for you.  
We can create new features such as parsing ANI/DNIS, based on feedback 
and justification.

P.S.  The VAST DVD (based on Ubuntu) already has UCSniff and VideoSnarf 
pre-built - http://vipervast.sf.net.

Good luck with it all,

Kristian Kielhofner wrote:
> Hello everyone,
>  Does anyone know of a tool to split PCAP files that is SIP+RTP
> aware?  Ideally I'd be able to record a PCAP file with any number of
> calls and then have a utility split that file into each separate call?
>  I'm pretty sure I've seen a utility to do this, I just can't remember
> the name...
> Thanks!

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