[VoiceOps] Looking for opinions of BroadWorks.

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You really can't count OpenSIPS as an SBC without heavy modifications.  But
as a SIP session router (remember it started as SER, SIP Express Router),
BroadWorks works just fine front-ended by a properly configured SER/OpenSIP
deployment.  In a past life I built such a solution myself that is still in
place over 5 years later at a former employer.

BroadWorks is one of the best wholesale VOIP platforms (application servers)
out there.  Nothing comes close to it in terms of partitioning different
customers, scalability, and ease of use for the provisioning group.  The
stability is great when built out right, and their support is very good as
well (should be for the $$).

The biggest issue you will run into is that BroadSoft knows what they have
and their pricing (initial, licensing, and support) clearly show it.  Many
people I have spoken with in the industry REALLY dislike their corporate
"attitude" and policies.

Most of the functionality from M6 is there in one form or another, and they
are actively working on a SCCP mediation server (it's out but not very
production ready from what I've heard) to ease the M6 migrations.  If you
are looking to make that move you should probably talk to BroadSoft directly
about the migration path.


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 I'm the lucky (!!?) owner of a Vocaldata/Tekelec/GENBAND/Broadsoft M6 soft
switch.   I'm looking at replacing it with a Broadsoft Broadworks switch.
Anyone out there familiar with both switches?   Any opinions of the
stability/feature set of Broadworks would be welcome!

 If you have Broadworks,  which SBC are you using?  Anyone using OpenSIPS to
front end BWorks?

 Send me on or off-list responses, your preference.



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