[VoiceOps] Looking for opinions of BroadWorks.

Paul Levering paul at featuretel.com
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Hi Matt,

I can attest to the corporate attitude comment - but I can also say that you can find reasonable folks to work with there too.

There is an AMS class in Plano later in March for the full SCCP scoop.


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If you're going to be doing significant wholesale minutes, especially if some of your customers have no ability to filter / pre-qualify their traffic, you're going to need some robust SBC deployments with some serious hardware behind it.  For the amount of traffic we do, and the customization that we require, Acme has really been the only viable solution for us.  We have an extensive farm of them online.

We, too, have a Broadsoft Broadworks platform.  In hindsight, it might have been a ten pound sledge for a ten penny nail on our network.  For the high price, it really would have made more sense for us if there were far more customers on our network with IP phones that wanted fully hosted VoIP.  Most SMB/SME with ip-capable PBXes or VoIP IADs feeding legacy PBXes are just as easily (and far more cost efficiently) peered directly with one of the SBC deployments. No complaints about the functionality or stability of the BS-BW, however.


On Wed, Mar 10, 2010 at 4:17 PM, Matthew S. Crocker <matthew at corp.crocker.com<mailto:matthew at corp.crocker.com>> wrote:


 I'm the lucky (!!?) owner of a Vocaldata/Tekelec/GENBAND/Broadsoft M6 soft switch.   I'm looking at replacing it with a Broadsoft Broadworks switch.  Anyone out there familiar with both switches?   Any opinions of the stability/feature set of Broadworks would be welcome!

 If you have Broadworks,  which SBC are you using?  Anyone using OpenSIPS to front end BWorks?

 Send me on or off-list responses, your preference.



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