[VoiceOps] DTMF issues for Conf Bridges

Chris Ledford chris.ledford at cnxntech.com
Tue Mar 16 12:37:12 EDT 2010

I have a switch out of the Miami and we are experiencing DTMF problems getting to 215 or 218 NPA. The call completes and then the DTMF to gain access to the conf dies. I tries INFO and RFC2833, inband, via sip, transparent all using G711 codec. No luck on anything so I opened a ticket with L3 and L3 said that the circuit is oversubscribed on the conf bridge side.
Here is an excerpt from the email
"...Test results confirm NPA NXX 218 862 is on the access pumping list, A known capasity issue on the Level 3 Network whare a RCC 34 is sent to customer to route away from LVL 3..."

I am not sure what to the next step is....any ideas would help....

Chris Ledford

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