[VoiceOps] Sub-account with L3

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
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Ask about creating a separate "BizOrg" and ask for a new IPTG to go with it.
You may need to have the right type of account (reseller) to be able to do
this.  Either way you'll need to start with your Account Rep or SE, not
support to get this going.  There will most likely be some additional costs
involved as well.




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We have a fairly large volume client that we would like to setup on their
own SBC without having the traffic pass through ours - due to licensing
expenses/hardware . I assumed this would be fairly easy for L3 to
accommodate - a separate peer IP for those DIDs. They are adamant that they
can't/won't do this. Anyone doing something similar - if so what magic words
do I need to use to get them to understand?


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