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I can't speak for most other carriers, but from what I've found from personal experience is that most carriers will set up a "choke trunk group" to a ss7 TDM for the toll free routing. 

This choke group will probably only have 10 cic's associated with it and then set up a method of overflow for the inevitable excess. 

In previous call traces I have made during American idol times, I do not see an ACM coming back, mostly it's a ANM due to no ringing and immediate answer. 

Having delt with customers in the past with choke groups, cell phones always seem to be able to complete calls to heavily dialed numbers in the past. 

It's usually an issue of the originating carriers capacity and not an issue of the terminating end's capacity. 

I would not say that american idol terminating end is "using resources" as we are being compensated from our customers for being able to place calls and the american idol numbers are compensated from american idol for opening and running the toll free numbers and the influx of calls. 

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So last night I was looking around our calls flowing thru our switch noticed a big spike in calls going to toll free numbers figured out it was American idol. I started digging deeper and I noticed that none of these calls where getting a connected status back from American idol. I did some random test to the different numbers and confirmed was never getting a connection status back. I also went ahead and tested from an att / Verizon cell phones and in both cases the cell phone still saying calling while it was playing back the American idol msg. so if I’m reading everything that I have collected correctly American idol is basically using our resources without having to compensate all the different carries for the calls. Anyone else seeing this? 

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