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Matthew S. Crocker matthew at corp.crocker.com
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We use Customer Master from Mid American Computing Corp for all of our end user and CABS processing.  Verizon worked directly with MACC to setup the data transfer.



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> Hi,
> We are the new CLEC in the state of NY. Still in the process of
> interconnecting with Verizon.
> I want to know the capabilities of meet-point billing. How it works?
>    - We have CSG a/c (carrier service gateway) with Verizon and want
> to know
>    if we can generate third party bills using this a/c. If yes, how
> exactly is
>    this done?
>    - Is this doable on our own or it is advisable to buy billing
> software or
>    billing service provider. Any suggestions...Thanks!
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