[VoiceOps] Difficulties sending calls to Magic Jack

Dawson, Robert robert.dawson at mindshift.com
Thu Nov 18 11:53:07 EST 2010

A business model based on arbitrage is the only explanation for how MJ can continue to provide services, just like the "free" conference call providers. I mean, $20 doesn't cover a lot of call termination. Sounds like some carriers have figured out a way to break that business model while possibly staying within the letter of the law (maybe). We have run into similar issues with L3 failing to terminate calls to high termination fee services due to "limited trunk capacity" or whatever other reason they give.

The thing I don't get is that MJ offers numbers in metropolitan areas as well and there would be no termination fee paid on those calls, unless they figured out some way to route all termination to a rural area?

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My uneducated guess is that the message is being played by Magic Jack.

Some carriers must be messing with the info they are sending MJ for their call data records or somehow dumping calls via creative routing?

MJ must count on the income from terminating calls to offset all the outgoing calls? If it was enough incoming calls that were messed with it could really upset things for them?

Like I said.. just a guess.


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>       We are seeing this as well.
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>             Anyone else have insight or comments on this fiasco?
> http://www.examiner.com/christianity-culture-in-san-diego/is-magicjack-highjacking-your-calls-with-confusing-305-848-828
>             8-recording
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> ... business you are trying to reach is using magicJack.
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> And if a business is relying on Magic Jack (long pause...) You get what you pay for!
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