[VoiceOps] Telcordia's LERG

Paul Timmins paul at timmins.net
Fri Nov 19 20:37:51 EST 2010

Telcordia seems to have an interesting idea about what competition is 
and how it works (along with some relatively interesting and novel 
concepts about contract law). While I'm not ready to comment publically 
on the attached letter, rest assured I'm not shutting down.

(Owner and creator of telcodata.us)

Steven Putnam wrote:
> Does anyone have any insight into the mystery that is Telcordia's LERG 
> subscription pricing model?  It honestly seems to be based on whatever 
> arbitrary basis they can use to squeeze as much money as possible.  
> There doesn't seem to be an sort of clearly defined rate or tier sheet 
> to justify any of it.
> Also, what are the chances of truly opening these services to 
> competition, like happened with domain registrations so many years ago?
> ~SP
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