[VoiceOps] Broadworks/Valcom paging solution

Scott Berkman scott at sberkman.net
Mon Nov 29 17:34:05 EST 2010

Done it many times, but it really isn't anything specific to BroadWorks
except for remembering to be careful about allowing calls from the outside
in anyway (think telemarketers and wrong numbers over the PA).  We usually
just didn't give that user a DID.


Normally we used an ATA or IAD coupled with a line controller (usually the
V-9970: http://www.valcom.com/pdf/v-9970.pdf), and tell the customer that
from there (amps and speakers/horns as well as wiring) it is the
responsibility of their paging vendor.  I've also worked with Bogen systems
that had an integrated line controller, but that one expected an FXO handoff
so we had to use a different CPE device.  It was also a much higher end
system than any of the Valcom setups I have seen.


If you need to know anything more specific feel free to ask, but to me the
PA side of the systems is a whole different game I'd much rather stay out




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Anyone out there have experience with  Valcom paging solutions on
Broadworks? This would be a simple application - 1 zone and 2 horns. Any
recommendations for other products?

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